Our Story
A dramatic shift is underway with companies disrupted by new technologies and business models.
Companies are redefining how they innovate – by pushing organizational boundaries, collaborating with new technology providers and acquiring new market capabilities.
Traditional research and consulting methods don't work in this era.
Ideapoke is a B2B Software platform, we help companies find new technologies, technology partners and competitive intelligence for emerging sectors. Ideapoke provides solutions such as Technology scouting, Technology landscaping and Market intelligence for our Global Customers.

Through our data-driven research, cutting-edge software, we are now changing how innovation processes work.
Our Grand Vision
Ideapoke's vision is to democratize innovation and create a business platform that facilitates IaaS - Innovation as a Service.
Our Mission
To help companies accelerate innovation in all aspects of business and technology, enabled by an Innovation intelligence platform.
But who are we really?
Many of us are data geeks, many of us are technology geeks and many of us are Research enthusiasts.
We go over and above our call of duty to help our customers innovate.
If you are someone with a mindset to challenge existing thought processes, embrace change and find out what it really takes to innovate, then give us a shout !
Join us and be part of our story
Ideapoke is a dedicated group of engineers, scientists, researchers, designers and entrepreneurs. If you want to push the boundaries of human intelligence, get in touch.
What customers say about us?
Our trusted customers
The world's most innovative companies trust us with their technology and strategic decisions.
Let's Innovate together!