Our Story
We believe anyone can become an Innovator and Ideas can come from anywhere. Our goal is to bring ideas, innovations to reality by connecting with the right stakeholders and build the biggest business network.
After the industrial economy and service economy, we are entering a new type of economy that is "Innovation-led economy". In this new era, the key differentiation for corporates is to innovate much faster and Ideapoke is the catalyst of that change.
Our Brand Identity
Einstein has inspired generations of innovators, we are no exception.
We always were fixated on image of Einstein, communicating his Ideas by poking his forehead.
With this in mind we named our company as
  Idea + Poke = Ideapoke  

Innovation means a blend of curiosity and discovery for us. Our logo is inspired by one of the most mysterious and curious space exploration of mankind -
Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO)
Our Journey
Introduced Ideapoke Odyssey and Voyager products. On it's way to achieve 100+ customers
Expanded to
Japan Market
50+ Large corporates
as Customers
Officially launched Ideapoke platform and expanded to
First customer acquired in
India Market
Started by
Anup & Sanjay
from two opposite side of the Globe(USA, India) as a side hustle.
Our Mission
To help companies accelerate innovation in all aspects of business and technology, enabled by an Innovation Intelligence Platform.
Our Trusted Customers
Join the Fortune 500 & Global 2000 companies and do innovation
and strategy in a new way!
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