Drive your vertical and department initiatives with actionable insights generated from a combination of technology,
market, industry, innovation & strategy data. Develop new products, evaluate new business opportunities and
beat the competition using Al-powered insights.
Key Features
AI-Powered data
Extensive data from a variety of
sources to discover trends, insights,
and unknown opportunities
Custom Modules
Select and configure relevant research areas to get the desired, customized intelligence
Seamless Collaboration
Get your team to work together with internal and external stakeholders on our highly secure platform
How It Works?
We work diligently to provide you AI-powered Insights to
take data-driven business decisions faster, for all your
We articulate your problem statement using our unique framework and in-house analysts
Our proprietary AI platform mines million of records quickly to gather relevant data and refine it in short time
Odyssey facilitates seamless collaboration and continuous feedback, to perform multiple iterations till you get desired results
We perform goal-oriented analysis, generate actionable insights through customized intelligence and reports
Our Trusted Customers
Join the Fortune 500 & Global 2000 companies and do innovation
and strategy in a new way!
What do customers say about us!
" We have always found Ideapoke's data and reports unique.
The data and content you generate is not available with any other
consulting vendors. Using your insights, we are planning to integrate
new technology capabilities into our organization."
Innovation Leader - Chipmaker
Try Odyssey to..
  • check     Find new markets for current technologies
  • check     Track emerging use-cases and applications
  • check     Perform industry, market, and technology landscaping
  • check     Identify cross-industry opportunities
  • check     Design business diversification strategies
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