Ideapoke Open Innovation ebook

Innovation. Collaboration. Simplified

Your R&D Cycle can be reduced upto 50%

Ideapoke Open Innovation ebook

This ebook will give you an insight on Open Innovation and different ways in which your organization can leverage open innovation to become a leader in the global market.

Ideapoke is an open innovation platform which uses its proprietary
Discovery Engine to help you find solution and partners to your innovation challenges. The platform helps you to reduce the R&D cost and resources for your innovation project. And because Ideapoke connects you to the crowd, you find relevant and genuine solutions that help you make your products faster.

Nick Huang,
Online business director at Hope, the innovation platform of Haier.

"Given Ideapoke's technology wise listing of data intelligently and partners associated with them, it was a case of clear benefit to help us enlarge our technology resource network"

Pranav Sheel
Co-founder Bangalore Accelerator at The Coca-Cola Company

"Excellent project execution by Ideapoke. A great team that exceeded the expectations on the project. The partners that they connected us with, were exactly the ones that we needed to work with"

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